RCFG* ROCKADEMIA (presented by Rock Camp for Girls and Gender Non-Conforming Youth Montreal) is a musical program spanning over 8 weeks where participants are divided into 2 bands of different age groups (13-17 and 18-25) to learn about social justice and what it is like to create their own rock single through a series of workshops given by local organizations and artists in a safe space that promotes inclusiveness, self-expressions and fosters values of feminism, anti-oppression and openness. As this is a pilot project and the first time the Rock Camp for Girls* Montreal is attempting to organize a program of this caliber, we want to limit the number of participants to 12 (2 bands of 5-6 members) to facilitate the management of the program.

The goal of the program is to get the youth, composed of girls, women, and gender non-conforming folks from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, to use what they learn about social justice (hate speech, radicalization leading to violence, sexism, racism, gender expression and human rights) as a source of inspiration to write their own song, compose their own music, learn to play the instruments that their band choose, record their song, shoot a video and a cover photo of their first single. While learning the different aspects of making a rock single, they will meet and interact with musicians, technicians, social workers, community organizers, and learn from them but also be able to bring their own experience into the group.

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