Volunteer applications for the summer camp are now OPEN! 

Thank you for wanting to get involved as a volunteer with Rock Camp for Girls Montreal! We need lots of help from reliable and dedicated folks, so we appreciate you offering your time, skills and energy to help make Rock Camp for Girls Montreal a success!

Volunteers with Rock Camp for Girls Montreal prioritize the needs and interests of our campers, and are committed to the mission and mandate of the organization. Volunteers need to be responsible, reliable and ready to fully participate and support our campers.

Please note that some volunteer positions require musical knowledge and experience but many do not. Detailed information about each position is listed in this file. To apply, fill out this form and email us at info@girlsrockmontreal.com. We accept applications in other formats, such as verbal submissions. Please contact us with any questions or to make arrangements.


* Band Managers
* Instrument Instructors (Electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, vocals)
* Band Coach
* Gear & Sound Crew
* Support Crew & Coordinator
* Artist Relations
* Translation Crew
* Showcase Crew
* Workshop Leader


If you would like to give a workshop at camp, please fill out our “Workshop Application Form” here.


Rock Camp for Girls is  made possible by the hard work of many dedicated volunteers. These dedicated individuals work year-round to make camp a fun and engaging experience. If you have the energy, drive and enthusiasm to devote to Rock Camp for Girls Montreal, please consider getting involved with one of our committees. We need people with a wide range of skills for a variety of tasks. While experience isn’t a requirement, previous knowledge is definitely an asset. We’re looking for individuals who are strongly self-motivated and task-oriented, and who can make a commitment to setting goals and seeing them through.

Check out the descriptions below, and email our committees if you are interested in joining!

Outreach and Media: outreach@girlsrockmontreal.com

The Outreach Committee is responsible for creating and fostering relationships with past, current and future campers and volunteers. The committee also works to expand Rock Camp’s programs to new communities within Montreal. The committee does this through holding workshops and info sessions in schools and at events to talk about RC4G’s programming, postering and flyering, and working with other community organizations. This committee is also responsible for writing press releases and helping represent Rock Camp for Girls in the media.

Fundraising and Events: events@girlsrockmontreal.com / grants@girlsrockmontreal.com

This committee is focused on managing fundraisers for the organization. A big part of the job of the members of this committee is writing grant applications. They are also in charge of seeking private donations, coordinating donor drives, and helping manage fundraising events. The Fundraising and Events committee also maintains current partnerships and seeks out new partnerships with like-minded community organizations, as well as making connections with artists and community event organizers for possible fundraising events partnerships. Written French, translation, and grant writing skills are an asset, but not a requirement.

Merch: merch@girlsrockmontreal.com

The Merch Committee manages the Rock Camp merchandise sold at events and online in our Etsy shop (t-shirts, temporary tattoos, pins, etc.). They design and order merch, send volunteers to events to sell merch, and mail out online orders.

Accessibility: accessibilite@girlsrockmontreal.com

The accessibility committee addresses accessibility issues within the organization. This includes, but isn’t limited to, working towards making the camp, choir, events, and organization’s communications more accessible in terms of language, physical space, application procedures, and much more.

Translation: translation@girlsrockmontreal.com

The translation committee is one of the most hard-working committees, as RC4G MTL is a bilingual organization. Most of our texts are written originally in English and need to be translated to French, as we consider language an important accessibility factor. From Facebook posts to internal documents and grant proposals, every RC4G document needs to be made available in both English and French. We are always looking for non-professional translators for our more informal texts and also for professional translators who can guarantee that documents such as grant proposals, which usually take us weeks of work to write, will be properly translated respecting the right terminology and the structure of the text.

camper committee: campers@girlsrockmonntreal.com

The Camper Committee welcomes campers and former campers to help us build the RC4G they dream of. Your input, participation and engagement is super important for us! Get in touch for more information in how to get involved.


A note on our gender policy:

RCGM welcomes individuals who identify as women/girls, genderqueer/gender non-conforming to apply for leadership positions at camp, and individuals who identify as men are welcome to apply for non-leadership positions. Non-leadership roles are open to any individual regardless of gender identity. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals throughout camp. For more information, please see the section on volunteer positions.

We acknowledge that gender is a very complex and important issue. Rock Camp for Girls Montreal is always open to comments and/or further discussion surrounding this topic. Contact us and we can talk about it!