Sustainer Drive 2016

Rock Camp for Girls Montreal turned 8 this year, and we’re holding our first-ever Sustainer Drive! Our goal is to sign up 20 new Sustainers in a month.

We’ve covered some serious ground in the past 8 years, but it is time for us to keep growing as an organization and reach our full potential. Becoming a Sustainer is a way to commit to Rock Camp for Girls Montreal and our long-term role in our community. Monthly support from our biggest fans makes a huge impact on the amount of services and programming we can provide to youth in our community. Together, we’re building an amazing sustainer community.

What is a Sustainer?

Sustainers provide an ongoing, reliable source of funding for Rock Camp for Girls Montreal by making monthly contributions to the organization. Sustainers increase our stability and help ensure our organization’s long-term strength and autonomy.

By becoming a Sustainer, you can make a large financial impact on our organization, without breaking the bank in one go. Your monthly donation, in combination with the gifts of others, makes a huge difference to our work.

There is no minimum contribution– from $3 per month to $300, Sustainers are the roots from which many more years of Rock Camp for Girls programming will grow!

Who are Sustainers?

Our first Sustainers are an initial group of believers who wish to support RC4GM year-round! Volunteers, campers, family, board, staff, community supporters, partners, friends– whatever the relationship you have to RC4G, your contribution makes a difference.

How do I become a Rock Camp for Girls Sustainer?

Becoming a Sustainer is quick, convenient, secure, and tax-deductible!

You can sign up online using Paypal. Simply chose a Sustainer Level below, and click Subscribe to sign up securely. Your recurring donation will automatically be withdrawn on a monthly basis. You can opt out at any time.


Sustainer Levels

Where does my money go?

RC4GM Sustainers contribute directly to the costs of our programming, and will allow us to:

  • expand programming,
  • increase the accessibility of camp through offering more camper bursaries and providing camper food and transportation, 
  • get our very first office space, 
  • hold our annual camp showcase, and, 
  • take steps towards compensating our coordinators more fairly for the time they put into making camp happen.

These Sustainer levels give you an idea of the impact your monthly donation makes:

$5/month – Lunch Money

Each month, your donation represents the cost of healthy lunch and snacks for one participant at our week-long camp.

$10/month – Home Sweet Home

$10 monthly will help keep a roof over our heads. Your donation will help subsidize venue rental and insurance, two of our most vital (and costly!!) expenses!

$15/month – Glitter and Glue

Each monthly donation represents the cost of supplying one camper with workshop materials craft supplies for an entire camp week, each month!

$20/month – Gear Guardian

A donation of $20 a month goes towards the rental of our instruments, making sure we have the gear we need to keep rocking.

$25+/month – Bursary Babe

Donations above $25 help us continue to offer camper bursaries, with full scholarships for 1 in every 4 campers.