August 26-27
Plateau Mont-Royal Cultural Day! Same principle as Pride Community Day, we will have a booth with merch and we will promote our upcoming year-round activites.

August 27
Open House at Centre du Plateau (2275, boul. Saint-Josept est), from 1-5pm! We will greet parents and tutors, youth and future volunteers that will come with a workshop on the evolution through time of the QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Interracial and Indigenous, People of Colour) community in Montreal’s music industry. This workshop will be given twice by Lucas Charlie Rose, Trans Trenderz founder. There will also be some arts and craft activities to create a collective banner representing the different ways youth use to express themselves. We will also have access to a jam space, allowing the guest to try instruments and talk to our volunteers. Link to event.

September 2 – October 28
Rockademia is a 8-week program with the goal of educating two youth band on tolerance, openmindness and human rights through workshops given by local orgs. These workshops will serve as inspiration for the participants to write their own song. The bands will get to meet many community orgs and artists, who will help them to record their songs, to make a music video and to create a real “tune” that they can be proud of. (http://girlsrockmontreal.com/year-long-programming/)

September 28
Panels with artists from diverse Montreal communities as part of the McGill Community Engagement Day, presented by the Social Equity and Diversity Education Department (SEDE). RCFG* is inviting 4-5 Montreal-based women and gender nonconforming artists (such as OneNessa and Strange Froots) to come and discuss their experience in Montreal’s music industry, the challenges that they had to face, their advice to youth, the role that Rock Camp has had in their life (if any). The public will also be able to ask questions about their journeys, etc.

September 29
Activity with campers from Rock Camp 2017! We will hold a little activity with the youngest band of campers (10-11) and some McGill students. The campers will talk about their experience during camp, how they wrote their own song and will perform it for the volunteers during a jam session.

October 30
Fundraising event at Grumpy’s Bar! We will hold an event on a Monday night during which women-led or women-only bands will perform their music.

November 18-19
Mini awareness camp with “Ensemble pour le respect de la diversité”! We will give awareness workshops to more than 200 young Montrealers between 13 and 17 years old.