Volunteer applications for the summer camp are now CLOSED. STAY TUNED FOR CAMP 2018! 

Thank you for wanting to get involved as a volunteer with Rock Camp for Girls and Gender Nonconforming Youth Montreal! We need lots of help from reliable and dedicated folks, so we appreciate you offering your time, skills and energy to help make RCFG* a success!

Volunteers with RCFG* will prioritize the needs and interests of our campers, and are committed to the mission and mandate of the organization. Volunteers need to be responsible, reliable and ready to fully participate and support our campers.

Please note that some volunteer positions require musical knowledge and experience but many do not. Detailed information about each position is listed in this file.


* Band Managers
* Instrument Instructors (Electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, vocals)
* Band Coach
* Gear & Sound Crew
* Support Crew & Coordinator
* Artist Relations
* Translation Crew
* Showcase Crew
* Workshop Leader


If you’d like to discuss workshops you could give for Camp 2018, please contact us at info@girlsrockmontreal.com!


A note on our gender policy:

RCFG* welcomes individuals who identify as women/girls, genderqueer/gender non-conforming to apply for leadership positions at camp, and individuals who identify as men are welcome to apply for non-leadership positions. Non-leadership roles are open to any individual regardless of gender identity. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all individuals throughout camp. For more information, please see the section on volunteer positions.

We acknowledge that gender is a very complex and important issue. RCFG* is always open to comments and/or further discussion surrounding this topic. Contact us and we can talk about it!