Are you interested in being involved with Rock Camp for Girls year round? Rock Camp for Girls Montreal is seeking 7 new Board Members for 2016 – 2017!

Board Members are responsible for governing the organization to make sure that our summer camp and year­-round programs continue and grow in the coming years. Rock Camp for Girls is looking for Board Members who are invested in the organization’s growth and well­being.


Additionally, we would like to warmly welcome any former Rock Camp campers over the age of 18 to also apply to join the Board of Directors. We especially encourage previous campers who would like to learn professional skills in a feminist organization to apply. Opportunities include learning about community building and organizational collaboration, fundraising and grant writing, managing the financial health of an organization, human resources and employment, and growing and learning as an anti-O organization. Feel free to send any questions our way if you would like to learn more before applying!

Responsibilities of the RC4G Board of Directors.

Board members are all volunteers and cannot be financially compensated. They are expected to fulfill 1 or 2 year terms. Board Members:

●  Establish and evaluate the organization’s vision, mission, and direction

●  Ensure the financial health of the organization

●  Ensure the organization has sufficient and appropriate human resources

●  Direct operations of the organization

We are a Working Board. What does that mean?

  •  Board members are actively involved in decision making and in planning the short, medium, and long term goals of the organization.
  •  Board Members act work on committees­. They organize meetings and communicate committee work back to the Board. The current committees are Fundraising and Events, Translation, Accessibility, Outreach and Media, Merch, and Human Resources.
  •  Board members provide general organizational support. For example, volunteering during events, facilitating outreach workshops, or joining ad hoc committees.
  • Board members need to be available for the retreat / visioning to be scheduled for November 2016.

The Board of Directors meets twice a month for a minimum of 3 hours, plus 5­ – 20 hours per month of additional work (committee meetings, individual work, events, e­mailing, etc).

2016 – 2017 Board recruitment priorities:

Board Members must understand and identify with Rock Camp’s mission and mandate (you can read more online here: They have experience or are interested in:

●  Youth programming

●  Working in a community­ based not­ for­ profit organization

●  Working in a collective, with a consensus based decision making process

  • Working within anti­-oppression and feminist frameworks

Individuals who identify as women, genderqueer, or gender non­conforming are welcome to apply for these leadership positions.

To support our mission of creating a sustainable network of campers, staff, and community members interested in the empowerment and musical leadership of girls in and around Montreal, it is important for the Rock Camp for Girls board to be strong and diverse in terms of skills and connections to camper communities. After analyzing the balance of qualities on our current board and reflecting on which missing qualities would be most beneficial to our work, we encourage applicants who have skills and energy to contribute to:

●  Fundraising, grant­ writing, and budgeting

●  Youth programming and program development

●  Accounting and financial management

●  Organizational development

●  Strategic planning

●  Illustration and graphic design

●  Translation

Other assets include:

●  Previous experience volunteering with Rock Camp for Girls

●  Leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills

●  Organization, commitment, and motivation

●  Ability to work on multiple projects on tight deadlines

●  Comfort with email communication

●  Ability to speak and/or write in French

As an organization working to facilitate social change, Rock Camp for Girls is working to create a balanced group of Board Members as diverse as the communities of youth in Montreal. People of colour, people with disabilities, Francophone people, people over the age of 35, youth aged 18­ – 22, trans* women, gender non­conforming and non­binary people, and people who grew up in Montreal are strongly encouraged to apply and to self­-identify in your paragraph of interest.

How to apply:

  • To apply, please answer the questions below, you can answer them in one paragraph if you prefer, by Sunday, October 23th at midnight. This will be sent by e­mail to our membership before our Annual General Meeting.

Board Nominees Questions:

  1. Why do you want to be on the board? Why Rock Camp for Girls? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

2. Have you volunteered with Rock Camp for Girls or another non-profit youth organization before? In what capacity? Can you tell us about your experience?

3. Some of the assets we are looking for are: skills in fundraising, event planning, grant writing, translating, workshop facilitation, social media management, merch making, accessibility knowledge, budget planning, community building, and experience in human resources. Can you please explain how your experience and skills would contribute to RCG?

4. Outside of the assets listed, are there professional skills or experiential knowledge you would like to contribute to Rock Camp?

5. Board members are expected to work an average of 5 to 20 hours a month depending on the time of the year, and attend at least two meetings a month. Can you commit to this amount of work?

6. Rock Camp for Girls currently has 6 working year round committees: Merch, Fundraising and Events, Accessibility, Outreach and Media, Human Resources, and Translation. Every board member is expected to be a point person in one of the committees. Can you tell us which committees interest you the most, and how you could contribute to the work of those committees?

7. Is there anything else you would like us to know about yourself, your work, or your experiences?

The AGM will be on Sunday, October 30th 2016 from 2 pm to 5pm, where board nominees will give a short speech. Board members will be voted in by the membership at the AGM.

Please submit your applications or any questions at