Rock Camp for Girls AND GENDER NONCONFORMING YOUTH Montreal (RFCG*) is a place where girls and gender nonconforming youth get together to learn and make music in the name of empowerment and community building.

Rock Camp For Girls* Montreal is a space where campers discover and express their talents, and become leaders in creating their own kind of cultural production through music. Musicians and community members support campers through instrument instruction, tech tutorials, band practice and skill-building workshops. At the week’s end, campers get the chance to show off their talents to friends, family, and community members at the Showcase Concert. The goal is for campers to rock in all aspects of life.

Mission and Mandate

RCFG* fosters the promotion of self-esteem, skill-building and critical thinking skills for girls and gender nonconfirming youth through collaborative music composition and performance. We supplement the music component of RCGM with workshops based on feminist and anti-oppression frameworks that provide campers with a space for critical examination and empowerment.

We aim to create a sustainable, annual project that will foster community building among campers as well as provide mentorship and leadership opportunities for young people in Montreal. The dream is for RCGM to grow into a sustainable long-term network of campers, staff, community members and stakeholders interested in the empowerment and musical leadership of girls and gender non-conforming youth in and around the Montreal area.


If you are a camper, volunteer, or donor with RCFG* you are automatically a part of our membership! Your membership is valid for five years from the time that you get involved with the organization.

If you support our mission and mandate and wish to become a member of RCGM, but are unable to attend, volunteer at, or donate to the organization, you can email to receive a membership application form.